Episode Thirteen: …And We’re Back

October 13, 2017

Hey! We're Back!!!


Check out Jettison!! 


Go to Jen's Show "A Loaded Conversation" Oct 13th at the Clifton Culteral Arts Center! 6pm-8pm!


Episode Twelve: Dear Mikey

August 6, 2017

Join me as I give some advice!


Spit It Out Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCv9NLhS2uY&t=49s

IG - spititoutoh


Episode Eleven: Corn Dogs

July 28, 2017

Join me as I review Corn Dogs!


Episode Ten: Ducks

July 21, 2017

Join me as I review Ducks!


Check out Lipstick Fiction at https://lipstickfiction.bandcamp.com/


Episode Nine: Wacky Mike’s Crazy Tons of Fun Kid Corner!!!

July 14, 2017

Join me as I show you my show before I Live in Covington! 

Check out Flesh Mother at fleshmother.bandcamp.com

some music credited to: http://www.bensound.com/


Episode Eight: Mini Reviews

July 7, 2017

Join me as I review a bunch of my mini reviews! 


Check out Devin Burgess on Soundcloud or Bandcamp!


Episode Seven: Numbers feat. Luke Whalen

June 30, 2017

Join me as I review Numbers! 


Special thanks to Luke Whalen for doing a voice. Also, check out Peace Attack on facebook or at http://www.peaceattackband.bandcamp.com


Episode Six: This Weird Keyboard I Found Near the Trash

June 22, 2017

Join me as I review this weird keyboard I found near the trash.


Episode Five: My Ex-Wife

June 18, 2017


Join me as I review my Ex-wife. 


Special thanks to Lindsay for the new Covginton flag. You rock too hard. 


Episode Four: Mitch Leonard with special guest Mitch Leonard

June 14, 2017

Join me as I review Mitch Leonard!


Ending song: Season Ten - The Sun